WMF 5000S 2-step

WMF 5000S 2-step

WMF 5000S 2-step

Slim by design - maximum output

WMF 5000S 2-step (2 bean hoppers/ no chocolate dispenser)

One of the biggest challenges is being able to respond flexibly to peak service times. It’s not only a matter of staff organisation but also machine capacity. The WMF 5000 S ensures, for example, that during the morning rush hour on the streets, customers are all quickly served and satisfied. And that’s no longer down to staff, but a consistently top quality, high-speed preparation process. These are of course major success factors which facilitate higher turnover on a daily basis

Features & Benefits

•  Multiple milk types using Autosteam technology •   Touch screen is an easy-to-operate user panel and advertising space rolled into one •   Flashing side panels indicate the current condition of the machine •   Touch screen designed with an intuitive user interface •   Easy-to-follow interactive cleaning cycle

Machine Specifications

•   Up to 180 Cups per Day (12oz cups) •   5 Gallons of Water Output/hour •   2 Bean Hoppers (Regular 2.2 lbs, Decaf 1.4 lbs) •   1 Chocolate Hopper 2.6 lbs •   Autosteam wand for Latte steam and Cappuccino foam •   Small Footprint - 13” (W) x 27” (H) x 23” (D) •   Approx. 88 lbs •   Power supply - 30Amps, 208V •   Machine Receptacle Type: NEMA L6-30R •  Performance capacity indicative in nature