WMF Espresso

WMF Espresso

WMF Espresso - everybody can be a barista

The perfect espresso - Handmade automatically

WMF Espresso

With a traditional portafilter machine, technical knowhow is required to prepare the perfect espresso. Even setting the grinders and deciding the correct tamping pressure is an art in itself. 

The WMF espresso measures all vital brewing parameters, grinds and tamps automatically. Insert the portafilter, press the button, prepare yourself for the perfect espresso, remove the portafilter and all done. This process reliability guarantees consistently high quality coffee, which is why truly anybody can operate the WMF espresso.

This in turn enables more efficient staff and cost planning. And with space being saved on additional grinders, the WMF espresso also takes up much less space on the bar counter. Certainly, this new generation portaflter in no way limits Baristic licence. Quite the opposite: the portafilters can also be filled and tamped via a separate grinder. And manually foaming the milk always remains an option.

The WMF espresso bridges the gap between two worlds. Handmade. Automatically.

Features & Benefits

The WMF Espresso benefits from enhanced software and a colour, touchscreen display.  Other features include separate brew units for different types of coffee; three beverage buttons for each brew unit that can deliver up to 12 modifiable, coffee recipes; the ability to turn off the internal grinder when wanting to use grinds from an external source, such as decaffeinated; a barista button for manual adjustment of coffee grounds by 15% +/-; a basic steam wand with variable steam power on one side and an automatic steam wand with the ability to prepare three different qualities of milk foam on the other.

It also boasts a Steam Jet for heating two cups at a time, removable, air-cooled bean hoppers and easy manual adjustment of grinder settings with automatic adjustment recommendations, based on brewing time.

Technical details

•  Up to 300 Cups per Day (Espresso, Cafe creme, Cappuccino, Latte)  •  2 Bean Hoppers (550gr each / air cooled